Ye Flask



Cheese and rice, it's been a long time since we've posted! Ah, we'll, we're starting to keep you guys more up to date this year with monthly updates and a more active newsletter! So here's a basic tl;dr,

  • We have a new drummer! His name is Tim Phillips!
  • We have a new trumpet player! His name is Jake Scott!
  • We have a new keyboard player! His name is Miles Burgess!
  • We have a new album! His name is undecided!

So so let's get down to it! We played Mass Ska Raid and had a blast! Would've been much better if they didn't schedule it during Dragoncon thought! Later in the year we went to see Streetlight Manifesto and found our beautiful trumpet player Jake! He's perfect and amazing! Since then, we've also been recording an album! With 11 songs old and new! It's scheduled to be released on March 28th and every week until then we'll be dropping tidbits of information about it! So let's get current now..

A few weeks ago, we played this house show!

And it was crazy! We had people crowd surfing in this kid's living room! It was loud, sweaty, beautiful and amazing. If you weren't there, you HAVE to be at the one on March 1st!

Then, last weekend we opened up for Ryan Eldred of Catch 22, Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake and JT Turret of The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches! Here's us with them! Notice the Ye Flask shirt on Ryan Eldred..

Now for shows? The only one is a house show on March 1st. We're taking a break to finis he album! 

Until next time, guys!


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